Fixated LEGO Fan Needs More garden Shed to Store His Gathering


Fixated Lego fan used to be a piece of cake for Simon Pickard however it has transformed into a ­serious grown-up fixation.

He has FIVE reason assembled sheds in his garden. These hold an expected one million Lego blocks in plastic boxes for his ­ambitious and colossal outlines.

Ace manufacturer Simon, 38, has made 50,000-piece models that can be up to 25sq ft and stand 3.5ft tall.

Scarcely shockingly he is viewed as one of Britain’s best Afols – grown-up aficionado of lego – as his noteworthy manifestations are believed to be show-stoppers.

The father of-five spends all his extra hours “bricking”. He joke that if his better half knew how much cash and care he spent on his ­passion she would separate him.



What’s more, when he isn’t making models he expounds on them for a magazine.

Simon is unclear about how much money he sprinkles out on his pastime. Be that as it may, he conceded: “It is ­incredible the amount it can cost. I go to the Cardiff Lego store once every month and I don’t leave away without ­purchases of up to three figures.”

Fixated LEGO Fan Simon Leases His Models

Simon said individuals do lease his models, which helps pay the bills.



He said with a laugh: “I put a considerable measure of energy into Lego. I don’t figure I ought to ¬actually work out how much since I may cause harm with my better half.”


Gratefully Sophie, Simon’s significant other of 13 years, and their children Jeremiah, 11, Isaac, 9, Malachi, 6, Ezekiel, 4 and Zechariah, 3 are additionally Lego fans.


Simon, of Wellington, Somerset, said the enchantment of the blocks is that their allure changes with you.



He clarified: “Lego’s about what you put into it. I played a considerable measure of diversions with Lego when I was more youthful. As I’ve developed more seasoned it has ­become considerably more of an innovative medium for me.”


He said the achievement of 2014’s The Lego Movie had made it considerably more standard.


What’s more, this week there is a four-day fan tradition, Bricklive, at Birmingham’s NEC where Simon will demonstrate his most recent and most complex model, the Monaco F1 clip, which took him a month to construct.

He needed to discover new strategies to make the fantastic outline.



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